This summer was gone in a flash and being employed in a bridal industry kept me pretty busy for all of it. While those last few days of summer still lingered I was occupied making sparkly bridal accessories and preparing for the fall trade shows. As I started to get a break in the busy bridal season, the break in the weather has end and it’s mid-october and it feels like it. I’ve worn a coat already, although it was a light coat, it was a coat nonetheless. However, I refuse to let go of summer. There were so many outfit I didn’t get to wear. I just want one more day, so I waited for a sunny day to happen and didn’t have much luck. The sunny days were just gone. So I thought it’s Michigan, the longer I wait the colder it gets. So I planned to say my farewell to summer on the first day it’s forecast to be at least 70 degrees. Realistically, I didn’t think this was going to happen, but when I saw it was forecast 69 degrees for today I knew it was the best I was going to get.  So mid-October here I am in the Nickel’s Arcade in Ann Arbor in my very coachella-like garb. This is my last summer day and I don’t care if it is in fact fall, it just means I can get away with wearing boots.

For my last day of summer garment I opted for the festival look. Nothing says summer more than a music festival. Though I wasn’t able to go to one this year due to my ever busy schedule and life in general, so I thought I’d dress in what I’d wear if  I’d gone to one. I topped off my look with a straw hat I borrowed from my dear husband. He acquired it during our honeymoon. My straw hat was accompanied by a crocheted lace fringe top. I spent several shopping trips searching for until I found it in a new store (well at least to me) in Twelve Oaks Mall named Garage. It was a late season find and I never got the chance to wear, so I felt it was perfect for my summer make-up day. I paired it with a trusty old Forever 21 Cami for modesty’s sake, a pair of thrifted geometric tribal-like print shorts, a diy “friendship” necklace, diy dangle earrings, red leather braid bracelet and tan brown lace up boots. Though the sky was gray and looked as if it was pending a rain shower, my outfit made me feel warm and sun-kissed with its vibrant colors, adding brightness to a gloomy day. I even had one of my signature summer beverages, a 7-11 slurpee. Earrings: DIY // Necklace: DIY // Hat: (similar) // Shirt: Garage (similar) // Cami: Forever 21 // Shorts: Thrifted // Boots: American Eagle

As for my location it couldn’t have been better for the day. Nickel’s Arcade is a 261-foot-long mosaic-tiled corridor indoor glass-roofed shopping center located in the ever scenic Ann Arbor. It houses some of Ann Arbor’s more upscale shops. The concept for the Arcade was developed by Tom E. Nickels, who wanted to see Ann Arbor grow and to introduce a taste of luxury to the Ann Arbor shopping experience. His father, John H. Nickels owned a meat shop on State street. Upon inheriting the land from his father he demolished the whole building and hired the architect Hermann Pipp to design a glass-covered shopping arcade in the style reminiscent of Italy and France. Shortly thereafter, construction for Nickel’s Arcade began in 1915. Since the completion of the arcade in 1918 it has become a landmark in the Ann Arbor area and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

There are eighteen retailer lots located in the Arcade. Over the years, the Arcade has seen several retailers come and go including the Blue Bird Beauty Shoppe, the Roy Hoyer Studio of Dance, Kessel’s Campus Shop, the Betsy Ross candy store and diner and well as a Post Office that closed in 1998. However, two shop have remained in the arcade since the 1920’s Van Boven, a clothing shop and the Caravan Shop, which is an artisan based gift shop. A few other shops located in the arcade include a barber shop, computer repair shop and a cafe.

Spending the day in the beautiful Nickel’s Arcade was perfect for my summer farewell. It’s ceiling made me forget the cloudy sky and the narrow corridor offered me the warmth of a summer day. Stepping into the Arcade was like stepping into a small pocket of time where it’s summer and filled with a very euro flair.

I Cross My Hart,




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