It’s just a lax and laid back Sunday morning, a go with the flow type of day. I woke up early (per usual) and started my morning routine, which consist getting up, but staying in bed, checking to make sure the plants by the window seal are still alive (today they were), checking emails and other things on my phone and finally after probably an hour finally getting up out of bed and doing my real routine of actually getting ready for the day.
wpid-wp-1447012291735.jpg Now it’s time to get dressed, what to wear. The weather this week has been uncharacteristically warm. So warm in fact, I’m a little bit regretting celebrating “my last day of summer” in past October and now this very warm November week. Yet, how was I to know I’m not a meteorologist after all and I know I mention weather like every post, but I live in Michigan and our weather is so mixed bag you never know what type of your going to get, so it’s an ever recurring topic around these parts.
wpid-wp-1447027089717.jpg Today isn’t quite as nice as it was in the earlier parts of the week. Right now the temperature is a mere 37°, but the sky is blue and not gray and visually that makes me warmer. So I feel a dress is in order, like the light ivory halter lace dress I got from one of my favorite places on earth, Target. I found it when me and two of my sister went to get dinner for the night and a breakfast for the following morning and ended up in the clothing department. I swear target released Holly luring pheromones in the clothing department and dollars bins area. I want  to Target yesterday to pick up an online purchase and ended up buying a lumber jack print oven mat from the dollar bin and though I resisted going to the clothing department with all my might, I was still lured to touch the plaid scarf they hanging right in front of my when I walking in. Actually I know they practice Holly luring techniques because their whole campaign right now is plaid. Plaid is like one of my greatest weakest, I don’t think I’ve met a plaid I didn’t like.
So back to the dress, the shift fit of the dress is perfect for my lax day. The non-restrictive silhouette makes it both  breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s also great for a Sunday as it’s both church friendly, yet casual enough to wear it for the rest of the day, meaning I’ll be wearing in to my dinner party today as well.
wpid-wp-1447026781983.jpg The dress being a halter and the weather only raised 3° more than my earlier notation, a jacket pairing is a must. Nothing goes better with lace than leather and/or faux leather. These studded faux leather beauty seems to me to be the perfect coupling with my dress. I got this particular leather jacket from H & M during my high school years and unlike most of my clothes I wore then it’s still a classic look. It has the retro rocker vibe with the studding while still maintaining a modern look with a slender silhouette. In my book a black leather jacket is closet staple. It can be paired with almost any look and is a good way to keep it classy and cozy for the cold, especially on those fall day were you need a light jacket and don’t want to ruin your look with a utilitarian parka.
wpid-wp-1447024712549.jpg With a minimal, clean look like this it’s important not to over accessorize. Only the essentials are needed to maintain the flow of the ensemble, keeping the color tones and silhouette cohesive. You don’t want to clutter the look. First and foremost essential to a look are the shoes, cause you got to wear shoes. My solid suede black booties fit with both the color and leather textiles of the jacket.

Shades: Thrifted // Necklace: Noir Hart // JacketForever 21 (similar) // Dress: Target //                     Boots: Target (similar)

As for the remaining accessories I chose only two, a necklace for ornamentation and sunglass for protective wear. My long roped chain jet black heart necklace added to the edginess of the rocker jacket and further elongated my frame in conjunction with my dress. The sunglass keep my every so sensitive eyes protected from the sun. Altogether creating clean-cut look for my day.

I Cross My Hart,


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