Seems like good fortune is on my side. My off day just to happened to correlate with a sunny day, which have been a rarity during this very Michigan summer.  What other way to spend a beautiful day than in beautiful surrounding. Downton Ypsilanti is a visually intriguing and historically rich. The buildings are colorful and have an old-fashion architectural style and the businesses housed in them continues to add to the allure of the area. The downtown is home to specialty and boutiques shops that offer a unique selection of products and restaurant with vintage ambience.

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My adventure through this historical area couldn’t have been more suited for the outfits I chose to wear this day. A little black dress, a classic look and the most essential of essential wardrobe staples has some history of itself. Historically, it was the go to dress color for mourning, however in the 1920’s Coco Chanel introduced short simple dress that turned it into the timeless must have that it is today. At the time Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford” in reference to the Ford’s Model T as it had a simplistic design and accessible to individual across all classes. The little black dress braved the great depression and found fame in hollywood. Many an iconic actresses have donned their little black dress like and made it their own. The most iconic being Aubrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s look that was pair with pearls and gloves. Though the silhouette has changed through the decades the little black dress remains today, a timeless and elegant look.

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I wore a faux leather dress mini dress with a lace bib necklace, heart-shaped glasses and quilted faux leather slip-ons. This look channeled the 90’s kids in me. I opted for the more edgy Posh Spice black dress silhouette. My love for leather or leather-like fabrics can be dated back heavy punk rock influenced apparel of my teen years. Though my style shift to less punk rock that aspect of my leather love remained. I wasn’t looking to add another little black dress to my collection, but when I saw it I know I had to have it. The dress is flirty, fun and flowed greatly. The length is pretty for a hot summer days and the fabric was comfortable and breathable.

Edited LBD 7

Shades: ME// Necklace: The Roadshow (similar)// Dress: Forever 21//Sneakers: Target (similar)

As for my accessories I wanted to play off the playfulness of the dress and achieve a cohesive look. The red heart-shaped added a pop of color and necklace tied it altogether as it worked perfectly with the neckline of the dress and added extra visual interest. Overall, it was a great look of a great day off.

I Cross My Hart,


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