Beginnings have never been my thing. Beginnings are not always apparent and sometimes beginnings can go unnoticed as they are scattered across days, months and often years. However, we all have to start somewhere. So I start my first post, which I have dreaded and agonized over for days at the beginning, the beginning of my encounter with my first love, fashion.wpid-wp-1440425688314.jpgMy name is Holly Haynes Hartter and my love for fashion has been with me for most of my life. As a child dress up was a favorite pastime and I have fond memories of modeling pretty dresses in local fashion shows as a child. I wasn’t old enough to know what fashion really was, but I knew I loved it and when my mother set my down in front of the sewing machine at the age of five, I was unaware that it was just the beginning of what would be a lifelong passion.


 Shades: Plato’s Closet (similar) // Necklace: Thrifted // Shirt: Macy’s // Hat: Forever 21 Jeans: Forever 21 //Sneakers: Charlotte Russe

At an early point in my childhood it was my dream to be an artist. I remember I spending countless hours drawing people in detailed outfits on loose leaf paper, that was supposed to be for homework.  People would comment on the how much they like the outfits and I recognized just as pen and paper were a medium for artistic expression, so was my skill of sewing and use of fabrics. I learned that art is in fact I form of fashion and it was a form I wanted to master. So many hours of fashion school  and fashion related career choices later we meet here, today as I start a new adventures and/or misadventures in the world of fashion blogging it’s going to be fun one.

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