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A Coat and Color Blocking

Hot off the bus from my Atlanta trip with sun-kissed skin (I’ll be sharing that experience later) and I’m smacked in the face with rainy, chilly, Michigan weather. I had to wear a coat, A COAT y’all. However, I decided to roll with the punches and spruce up my day the best way I know…


Yellow and Lace

Just wanted to share a quick post of my Easter look from Sunday. The weather was awesome and I got the chance to break out some of my recently purchased and “constructed” spring apparel. Considering my recent shopping streak, I started a great backlog of spring I’ve just been itching to wear. I broke out…


Back On The Blog

Hey All, I’m back and it’s been a while. I’ve unintentionally, then intentionally, taken a break from the blog and now I’ve returned. Though I haven’t been posting, it hasn’t stopped my mind from thinking up all sorts of new content and new post ideas for the blog. That being said, look forward to DIY projects,…


Sunday’s Dress

It’s just a lax and laid back Sunday morning, a go with the flow type of day. I woke up early (per usual) and started my morning routine, which consist getting up, but staying in bed, checking to make sure the plants by the window seal are still alive (today they were), checking emails and…



Last night was so much fun, October definitely went out with a bang! Now that I got summer out of my system (no chance of my own, thanks Michigan) I’ve embraced Fall full swing. I went to a haunted house for the first time and also scored free tickets the freak show side attraction Hellzapoppin’…


Falling Out Of Season

This summer was gone in a flash and being employed in a bridal industry kept me pretty busy for all of it. While those last few days of summer still lingered I was occupied making sparkly bridal accessories and preparing for the fall trade shows. As I started to get a break in the busy…


Dally In The Alley

It’s Dally Day!! One of my favorite days of the year. I’ve been so excited in anticipation for one of my favorite art festival of the year, Dally In The Alley. Dally always has the best to offer in music, fashion, art, fun and food. It a great place to find unique pieces for your…